Should You Be a Vxtra Client?

Destiny+ is the right solution for you and your employees if you are a large, independent medical practice with at least 100 employees enrolled in your health plan. If you want more control over how you and your employees pay for health benefits, considering Destiny+ is the smart move.

Vxtra clients have a few things in common.

Destiny+ isn’t right for everyone. Our clients have a few things in common. They want …

  • An independent, transparent advisor that put you and your employees’ interests first.
  • More employee accountability and engagement with their health status.
  • Incentive-based health plan designs and benefits.
  • More transparent and cost-effective claims management.
  • More predictable spending on health care benefits and claims.

Our clients also came to us because they were ready to …

  • Stop passing along cost increases to their employees in the form of reduced benefits and increased cost-sharing.
  • Stop enabling insurance companies and their influence in the marketplace.
  • Stop paying for inflated hospital claims.

Destiny+ at its core is designed to help employers see more, understand more, and do more for their employees while improving operating margins.

Our Clients – Medical Practices

Launched in 2011, Destiny+ was the first nationwide health benefits captive solution designed specifically for large, independent medical practices. We accept only medical practices that meet our membership guidelines, so you can be confident that your fellow members share your values, goals, and commitment maintaining the integrity of the captive pool.

Some of the most respected independent medical practices across the United States have worked with us to make Destiny+ the disruptive and successful solution it is today.


The health insurance industry impacts medical practices like no other business. Not only is healthcare your second biggest cost after payroll, the insurance companies have a direct impact on how you practice, and how you bill for services.

  • If you are exasperated by the facing the same – but ever more expensive — health benefits options every year…
  • If you are would rather hire more doctors or care extenders than spend more on fully-insured health coverage…
  • If you want to maintain control over your practice but want the operations to be easier and less expensive…
  • If you want to maintain your practice’s independence, and be able to resist a hospital takeover…
  • If want to offer healthcare benefits your employees can afford, compete more aggressively for the best employees, and keep your top performers…

Vxtra’s Destiny+ can put you back in control of your money, your time, and your future.