Client Testimonials

"If we were to remain viable as an independent practice, we had to think differently about every major expenditure. The Destiny+ captive model for health benefits provided us with a very different way of doing business. Our savings over the past three years have been significant. Since implementing the new claims management platform in January, we have saved an additional $108,000 in just three months as a result of their surveillance capabilities. That’s money, and problems with claims, that traditional carriers and TPAs just don’t find."

Victor Houtz — COO, New Jersey Urology, Member of the Large Urology Group Practice Association (Bloomfield, NJ)

"We made a decision to try something different that would add value for our practice and the members of Strategic Radiology. As one of the first participants in the Destiny+ captive, we have definitely benefited from our decision. I continue to encourage other large practices to join, which will make it even more valuable as a cost containment strategy for all of us."

Ari Van Moore, Jr., MD — Chairman, CEO and Member of Strategic Radiology, Vice President Charlotte Radiology (Charlotte, NC)

"In short, they get it. It is not a secret that working with physician practices can be a challenge. Vxtra's ability to think out-of-the-box separates them from the pack. Leaving the fully insured market for Destiny+ has been an astute financial move for our practice as we have saved over $600,000."

David Ellis, MD — President, Academic Urology, Member of the Large Urology Group Practice Association (Philadelphia, PA)

"We had no where to turn when Blue Cross Blue Shield presented us with another large increase for our fully insured plan. With Destiny+ we've seen nearly $1,000,000 in savings over three years compared to where we would have been had we stayed in the fully insured market."

Joseph A. Wieck, MD — President, Hughston Clinic, Member of The Orthopaedic Forum (Nashville, TN)

"Destiny+ has been a significant improvement over our stand alone reinsurance contract. Participating in the financial upside of the stop loss premium coupled with more transparency and a more integrated decision support system has been a game changer."

Kirt Woolsey — CFO, Radiology Associates of North Texas, Member of Strategic Radiology (Fort Worth, TX)

"Our main objective in joining the Destiny+ captive was to get out of the fully insured market to save money. But to really do something different, we had to have access to our data so that we could identify opportunities that could help us as an employer help our employees learn how to make better decisions about their own health care. To change the paradigm, our employees had to be more informed and engaged."

Price Dunaway — COO, Integrated Medical Professionals, Member of the Large Urology Group Practice Association (Long Island, NY)

"If we were to ever understand how to participate in value-based reimbursement strategies, we had to know more about what was going on with our own health benefits. Destiny+ gave us the opportunity to move from an opaque, fully insured environment to a more transparent self-funded platform with the safety of participating in a qualified risk pool with other larger, like-minded medical practices."

Sanford Gips, MD — Managing Partner, Heart House of New Jersey, Member of Medaxiom (Haddon Heights, NJ)

"We could not be any happier with our decision to join Destiny+. It is a totally different experience. We’re learning about problems we never knew we had with traditional health insurers. But more importantly, we’re seeing solutions to the problems with the new claims management system we implemented this year."

Tino Valentino — COO & CFO, Central Ohio Urology Group, Member of the Large Urology Group Practice Association (Columbus, OH)